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Since 2001, XYLOWATT designs, delivers and operates Biomass to Energy plants, converting natural and recycled woodchips into valuable and renewable energy. 

The NOTAR® gasifier is the sole industrial reactor that produces clean syngas without any tar residues. Combined with cogeneration engines, our units supply our clients with renewable electricity, heat and cold.

XYLOWATT acts as the partner of its clients; providing turnkey units and full operation and maintenance services for biomass gazification plants with an electric power range from 750kW to 3MW.


Forest Residues 

Natural wood from Forestry and Wood Industries is widely available. This untapped potential can be recovered locally with NOTAR® gasification. Our turnkey biomass gasification power plants are the ideal solution for the conversion of local untreated wood residuess into a clean syngas to power various applications.

Biomass as renewable fuel

Forest residues come from each step of the forest & wood industry

»  Wood residues from forest management

»  By-products from wood industry

»  Wooden products (pallets)

» Tailings from roadside pruning

Those wood residues are valuable energy sources that can be valorized into renewable syngas with the NOTAR®

» Syngas recovers the energy contained in the untreated wood

» Syngas powers cogeneration engines (electricity, heat & cold) or industrial applications

Recycled & Treated Wood

Recycled and treated wood is collected by municipalities and on industrial premises. Without adequate solutions, residues are incinerated or dumped in landfills. Both solutions are costly and do not allow local entities and waste collectors to fully valorize contaminated wood residues into energy.

You see waste, we see energy !

Collected wood waste is available locally

» Treated wood collected on industrial premises

» Construction and demolition wood waste

» Wood collected by municipalities

Today, management of treated wood is expensive

» Treated wood is widely available

» Wood residues management is strictly regulated

» Incineration and landfills are expensive and polluting

NOTAR® brings a sustainable solution to recycled wood waste management

» Energy content of the treated wood is recovered in the syngas

» Syngas powers cogeneration engines (electricity, heat & cold) or industrial applications

Impregnated Wood

Wood products can be heavily impregnated with substances to extend their lifetime. In Europe, impregnated wood is classified as hazardous waste; its disposal is strictly regulated.

Former wooden crossties are systematically
replaced by concrete crossties

Impregnated wooden products are polluted

» Railway sleepers are heavily impregnated with creosote and contain heavy metals

» Wooden poles are impregnated with creosote (communication and electrical lines)

Impregnated wood is discarded at a high and unpredictable cost

» Wood residues management is strictly regulated

» Elimination of wood residues is expensive

Impregnated wood residues become valuable with NOTAR® gasifier.

» Energy content of the impregnated wood is recovered in the syngas for CHP or industrial application

» As any other PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons), creosote is destroyed in the combustion zone of the NOTAR® gasifier.

» Xylowatt demonstrated that the NOTAR® can handle impregnated wood with high efficiency while respecting emission limits.

» Emissions of CHP demo plant was controlled by regulatory body: measures respect the most drastic regulation (2000/76/EC directive).


Xylowatt develops the energy of the future

The NOTAR® gasifier is adapted to convert various sources of biomass and waste. Xylowatt has already tested a wide range of waste at its pilot plant in Louvain-la-Neuve. The results show that the NOTAR® gasifier can gasify difficult solid biomass: fuels with high mineral content or with heavy metal, polluted fuels… 

Fuels under development:

  • Sewage Sludge
  • SRF (Solid Recovery Fuel)
  • Creosoted wood

Thanks to LIFE+ programme, Xylowatt continuously develops its solutions to tackle the worldwide challenge of waste management.


Clean Syngas Energy Applications

Only a clean syngas is suitable to power industrial applications and CHP engines.

Clean syngas produced with the NOTAR® gasification technology is an alternative to fossil fuels that can can safely be injected in cogeneration applications and industrial processes to generate renewable energy.

Clean syngas for multiple uses

The NOTAR® gasifier developed by Xylowatt is the sole technology producing a clean syngas (with NO-TAR) which is easily conditioned to meet your goals.

Two main applications

» Combustion in cogeneration engines (CHP) for combined production of heat and power

» Direct injection as substitute to fossil fuels, in industrial processes



» Optimal operation of gas engines and high availabilityof the power plant

» Improved economics of the engine operation and maintenance

» Syngas characteristics fit thetechnical specifications of all CHP engines worldwide


» Reduce dependency on fossil fuels and generate renewable heat and electricity

» Electricity covers local needs or can be sold on the electrical grid

» Heat is available for a wide range of heating applications



» Syngas produced by NOTAR® is a green fuel

» Syngas fits multiple applications: high temperature drying, brick manufacturing, glass production and many others

» Cold syngas is easily distributed along industrial processes




» Regain control of your renewable energy production/span>

» Reduce dependency on fossil fuels

» Shift to a circular economy,  producing your energy form local biomass

» Add value to your products by strengthening the green image of your process

You need power? You need heat? Let’s talk about it!