CHP operating on clean syngas

BELGIUM – Mont-Godinne Hospital

CHU UCL Mont-Godinne hospital has decided to cut its high natural gas consumption by replacing fossil fuels with gas from local biomass as forest residues and recycled wood. The renewable syngas, produced by Xylowatt’s NOTAR® technology, powers the existing Jenbacher engine (GE 320) operated by Cofely Services (GDF-SUEZ). The 400-beds hospital makes use of the energy produced to provide electricity and heat to its facilities throughout the year; thereby covering 40% of its electricity consumption, 65% of its heat.

Project Key Data
Location Mont-Godinne Hospital – Belgium
Owner Special Purpose Vehicle (MGGE)
Application Combined Heat Power (Jenbacher J320S) for hospital energy consumption
Capacity 750kW electricity + 1200 kW heat
Technology NOTAR v.3
Feedstock Natural and recycled woodchips
Commissioning Q1-2018

BELGIUM – Tournai

Production of renewable electricity and heat with locally sourced woodchips

The city of Tournai cuts the very high natural gas heating and electricity bills by replacing fossil fuels with wood gasification to light and heat up its swimming-pool throughout the year.

Project Key Data
Location Tournai – Belgium
Owner Tournai City
Application Combined Heat & Power (MTU G12) for swimming-pool energy consumption
Capacity 260kWe + 475kWheat
Technology NOTAR v.2
Feedstock Natural woodchips
Commissioning Q4-2009

Clean syngas powering industrial process

FRANCE –  Champagne region

Clean syngas produced with vineyard’s residues feeding an industrial glass kiln

Wood residues from vineyards maintenance in the Champagne region are collected. Syngas is produced locally to power a glass bottle kiln. This energy production in circular economy makes your bottles of Champagne greener.

Project Key Data
Location Champagne area – France
Owner Glass bottle manufacturer
Application Direct use of syngas for fossil fuel substitution in industrial process
Capacity 950kW syngas power
Technology NOTAR v.2
Feedstock Woodchips from vineyards – pruning branches and obsolete vine stocks
Commissioning March 2015

Test Gasification Plant (TGP)

BELGIUM – Université Catholique de Louvain la Neuve

Xylowatt’s test gasifier plant, a development tool installed in a leading university.

TGP is a 150 kWth NOTAR® Gasifier linked to a gas conditioning unit that offers the possibility to use the syngas in flare, gas engine or boiler. The NOTAR® Test Gasification Plant is composed of a feeding system, a NOTAR® gasifier, and a gas conditioning unit. It is designed to be flexible to various uses and is equipped with reinforced instrumentation. The TGP is a R&D tool used to support scientific research and Xylowatt’s product development. It is available for testing new applications or waste for our clients.

Project Key Data
Location Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL) Institute of Mechanics – Materials and Civil Engineering (IMMC) – Belgique
Application Optimizing operational parameters to various types of woodchips and biomasses.
Capacity 150 kWth syngas power LHV
Technology NOTAR®
Feedstock Various
Commissioning 2010

You can benefit from our Test Gasification Plant

» Test your biofuel with full mass & energy balance, and syngas analysis

» Test your thermal application on clean syngas produced by a NOTAR®

» TGP can be connected to a small-scale kiln, syngas upgrading equipment or cogeneration engine

First demonstration plants

BELGIUM – Gedinne

Demo NOTAR® plant connected on district heating
Project Key Data
Location Gedinne – Belgium
Owner Gedinne City
Application Combined Heat and Power (MTU G12)
Capacity 300kWe + 600kWth
Technology NOTAR v.1
Feedstock Woodchips
Commissioning 2007

BELGIUM – Mariembourg

Sawmill powered and heated by wood energy (Demo Plant)
Project Key Data
Location Mariembourg – Belgium
Owner GDF Suez-Electrabel
Application Demo Program – Combined Heat and Power (MTU G12)
Capacity 2x350kWe + 2×600 Wth
Technology 1st gasifier
Feedstock Woodchips
Commissioning 2004

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